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Enjoy French Salads with Your Meals!

French salads are an important part of the diet in France. The most common is the 'salade verte' or the plain green salad which is used most days with either the mid-day or the evening meal.

It is served in a separate dish either with the main meal or after the main course.

Lettuce is used most frequently but other greens such as watercress or chicory -  known as endive is also used.  The young dandelion leaves, lambs lettuce and curly endive or chicorees are aslo popular.

The salad leaves are always washed carefully, then dried and tossed in the salad dressings - usually oil and vinegar dressings. Oil and lemon juice can also be used too.

You will know if you have got the right combination of oil and vinegar as the dressing should taste of oil with just a hint of acidity. If you are drinking a good wine with your meal this is important so as not to spoil the taste of the wine.

You can buy flavoured vinegars but it is easy to flavour your own with garlic or herbs. This is a matter of personal taste, some people do not like garlic whereas others love its taste. It is more popular in the South of France than the North.

If you only want a subtle taste of garlic  for your dressings, a good way to get this is by just rubbing a piece of fresh garlic around the bowl before adding the dressing.

The simple salads such as the tomato, potato, cucumber, carrot etc are also used  as part of the Hors d oeuvres.

Whereas the more elaborate salads with a mixture of  ingredients including meat or fish  are served alone such as the Salade Nicoise.

However, it doesn't really matter so much as when they are served but how they look - and these wonderfully fresh French salads really do deserve a place on your table.

Again you really don't need to wait for an occasion to serve these wonderful salads, just make them for a light lunch or whenever you feel like one - they are so tasty and extremely healthy.

What you could do is prepare enough for a few days, place them in plastic boxes and keep them in the refrigerator.  You then have something to give everyone without the work and that's a blessing when you are busy!

Here are a taste of some easy French salads !

Salade Verte

A fresh green salad recipe to add to your hors d oeuvres or just to have with your family meal. The French usually have a green salad with their midday and evening meal. It is served with the main course or after the main course. 

Salade Nicoise

This is a classic salad from the South of France or a Provencal salad. It is a good salad to have with French bread and a glass of wine - makes a light delicious lunch or supper.

Salade de Carottes

A carrot salad recipe to add colour and texture to your hors d oeuvres or to tempt your kids to eat healthy! Who could resist this little taster, it's so simple but delicious.

Salade de Tomates

This lovely tomato salad will give a bright and colourful display to your Hors d oeuvres table. Your French salads won't be the same without it!

Salade de Concombre

A cool green cucumber salad recipe which will bring a lovely addition to your table for a starter or hors-d oeuvres. It is so easy and inexpensive to make and is another tasty French salad you will enjoy.

Salade de Pommes de Terre

A delicious French potato salad that will satisfy everyone at your table. An easy and economical recipe which deserves a place of honour amongst your salads.

Salade de Chou Rouge

A red cabbage salad recipe to give you a dazzling and colourful starter for your hors d oeuvres table. It's sure to please everyone with it's rich texture and colour. Easy and economical to make.

Salade au Lard

A very simple but tasty bacon salad or Frisee aux Lardons as it is known in France. It is a popular salad all over France and I am sure you will love it too!

Poulet et Salade D' Amande

A refreshing chicken and almond salad that is so easy to make at home and will please all your family and friends. The flavour of the lightly toasted almonds goes wonderfully well with the cooked chicken and the orange and mayonnaise sauce. Divine!

Mesclun Salad

Originating in Nice, South of France this fresh salad consists of salad leaves and any available fresh herbs. The inhabitants of Nice would pick the fresh plants daily for this salad and indeed some still do. It is expensive in restaurants but it has a really fresh flavour.

Salade de Lentilles

A healthy green lentil salad giving you a rich and colourful salad that is so popular in France. You can make this very quickly and easily using any salad greens and herbs you like. Serve it warm or cold, just as you prefer.

Salade Lyonnaise

A traditional salad from Lyons in France which is amazingly tasty and very easy to make at home. It is wonderful for a light meal and makes a great horsdoeuvre or starte.

Italy of course also has wonderful food and much of the salad recipes in the south of France have the Italian influence. Much recommended are these delicious cold pasta salad recipes along with other delicious pasta recipes for you to enjoy. 

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