Easy, Creamy, & Dreamy Sauces

These sauce recipes will transform your everyday food menu into dishes to make dinner a time of high expectation!

Sauces will enhance many different foods. An accompaniment for just about
any dish you can think of… fish, eggs, all meats - beef, ham, pork, chicken and other poultry, salads, vegetables, cooked or served as crudites (raw), desserts and even your leftovers can turn into the tastiest dishes just by adding an interesting sauce!

Some are famous, and others, I guarantee will be new to you, but irresistible.

Make them to add variety and pizzaz to everyday meals or to delight your guests.

The 100 sauces in this cookbook will accompany your meals as toppings, dips or immersed in the sauce. They are a tasty accompaniment to many Hors d oeuvres, as well as everyday meals making them extra special.

You may sometimes find when frying, or grilling/broiling your food, it can become a little dry, but with a little sauce, you will have a tasty and delicious dish in no time at all.

These recipes are traditional and have been tried and tested over many years, however, today, you may find it easier with some of the recipes to use your food processor or blender when making one or two of them instead of “sieving” and “beating” as French cooks used to do.

I hope you enjoy making all 100 sauces and find them useful for your cooking exploits and daily eats.  

The Love French Food eCookBook Collection are produced in appreciation for you my visitors, to make cooking your meals easier and smoother.

What's in this book?

  • 100 Easy, Creamy, & Dreamy Sauces - Admiral Sauce to White Sauce and 98 in-between.
  • 8 Tips For Making Perfect Sauces
  • Helpful Hints For Making Sauces
  • Beautiful photos.
  • Short description.
  • Ingredients (US & UK measurements) & method on the same page where possible for easy viewing on the device of your choice.
  • Printing for personal use allowed.
  • Number of servings per recipe, prep time, cook time, inactive time, the total time for each recipe from start to finish.

35 pages in total.

This eCookBook is a PDF download.

Thank You!

Toujours Bon Appétit! Enjoy your food always!


P.S. Please read "8 Tips For Making Perfect Sauces" and "Helpful Hints For Making These Sauces", before starting your "saucy" adventure!

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