ficelle picarde

savoury french crepes

French crepes recipes are often made with sweet fillings such as the crepes suzette, but they can be savoury as well. One of the most popular is the Ficelle Picarde which is a popular French pancake filled with ham and mushrooms in a creamy sauce.

It was created by the chef Marcel Lefèvre and now part of the Picardy cuisine. Ficelle, meaning string in English is the name given to this tasty pancake or crepe and it is a good hearty dish for your family or for entertaining.

The ham should be a good quality such as a piece that you would boil or bake yourself but you can buy good boiled ham in most places nowadays. Do not buy the thin wafer like ham as it will not quite be the same.


150g plain flour

3 eggs

500mls milk

4 slices of cooked ham – a good quality ham is best for this.

½ lb/250g mushrooms, peeled and chopped finely

½ lb/250g shallots or onions finely chopped

2oz/50g butter

250mls double cream

3oz/75g grated Gruyère cheese

1 tsp of mustard (Dijon or grain, as preferred) – optional


·         Make the pancake batter by beating the eggs, flour, milk and salt together and leave half an hour. You can use a mixer/processor for this if you want.

·         Make your pancakes and keep them warm until you have your filling ready.

·         Melt the butter in a pan and gently fry the onions or shallots until soft but not browned.

·         Add the chopped mushrooms and fry gently for another ten minutes.

·         Remove pan from heat and add two tablespoons of thick cream to the pan, mix well and add salt and pepper to taste. Add the mustard, if preferred, at this stage, to spice up the mixture.

·         Take each of your pancakes and put a slice of ham and then a tablespoon of the mushroom and onion mixture onto each one, roll up and place in a warm oven proof dish.

·         Put some cream over the pancakes and sprinkle with grated cheese and bake for about ten minutes in a hot oven until cheese has melted and turned a golden brown.

Your Ficelle Picarde’s are now ready to serve....French crepes recipes don't get any better than these.

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