About The Kitchens Behind The Recipes Of This Great French Cuisine Website

LoveFrenchFood.com is the result of the efforts of three accomplished cooks.

Each contributing their knowledge and skills, during various time frames to create this  wonderful website to bring you authentic, traditional, and incredibly scrumptious French cuisine, which started over 11 years ago!

It is well seasoned and has passed the test of time and taste!

From the present back to the beginning…

Moi, a Canadian woman who has been cooking for a number of decades, how many… (will remain a secret), and building websites around the things I am deeply passionate about, like... nature, wild birds, and enjoying the diversity of cultures around the world… and now, writing about and sharing with you my love of good food and especially, great French food!

When in France I am delighted with the mix of old and new, and exquisite food which is exactly as I expect it to be.

Did you know here in Canada we have our own “France”? Our province of Quebec! Quebec City is especially a delightful experience of French culture and food. I love it and I hope you can discover its joys too!

The French have always been known for their prowess in fashion, food, wine and love! Mais oui?

From all those genres I see extremely tasteful food, dressed in beautiful design, partnered with superb drink which can all lead to great love… “tu n'es pas d'accord”?

Before “moi” was, Dr. Terry M. MA Lake District Studies; PhD Historical Geography; FRGS, FSA (Scot) Freelance Writer and Photographer (Travel, Food and Outdoors). He has been visiting France since 1974, when for a few weeks, he exchanged his job in local government for a tent and an unbelievable view of Mont Blanc from Chamonix, and he has returned every year since, often many times... but then he began a long relationship with a delightful Française from Lyon, and plunged whole-heartedly into domestic and social life as a result.

His yearly visits to France continues as a travel journalist, writing about this great country and sharing his French culinary experiences.

Gaynor who lives in Wales in the United Kingdom, began the journey of this website when she retired from nursing and was delighted to be able to spend more time with her favourite pastime – cooking. She always had a passion for French cooking and as a result collected many French recipes over the years.

Her love of French food and her prowess in the kitchen led her to begin this website to help many other people learn the joy of cooking French food.

I hope you have a truly passionate love affair with French food too and that our efforts and skills shared here will become part of your French cuisine journey!

Toujour Bon Appetit


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