Apple Fritter Recipe

A Wonderful Treat & It's Not Just For Kids!

An Apple Fritter Recipe With A Delicious Crispy Batter!

Apple Fritter recipeApple Fritter

An apple fritter recipe is one that will be popular with everyone and especially with the kids.

They are a special treat which is also an easy recipe so not so difficult for you home cooks out there.

All you need are some eating apples, batter for coating and you are away.

Fritters make a very good dessert not only for family meals but also for entertaining when your friends pop around for a meal.

You can prepare ahead of time and have them ready to coat in batter and fry just before they are ready for dessert.

They only take a few minutes to cook so you will not have to spend a long time in the kitchen.

In France some years ago I was given an easy recipe for a really good batter and this is the one I will share with you here.

It is a recipe that is almost fool proof as it delivers a really crispy batter every time and it is quite healthy too.

We were in the south of France at the time and a local lady laughed when I said that my batter was awful. She asked why and then gave me this easy recipe.

It does not have butter in it. I guess this is because in the south of France they use a lot of olive oil instead, which as we all know is more healthy.

You are probably guessing that the recipe has olive oil in it! Yes, it does, and it is very tasty too.

It is a batter mixture that can be used for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish so it is a really great recipe to make all your fritters whenever the mood takes you.

The apples for this recipe can be any eating apples, I used some small local apples for this apple fritter recipe so you can choose your favorite.

For special occasions you can add a flavour such as rum, calvados or cognac.

Apple Fritter Recipe


For 4 to 6 people

6 eating apples

¼ cup (2oz) castor sugar

A good pinch of ground cinnamon

A good pinch of ground cloves



¾ cup (4oz) plain flour

3 tbsp olive oil (or groundnut oil)

Pinch of salt

½ cup (¼ pint) of tepid water

1 egg white


Sift the flour into your bowl.

Pour in the olive oil, and add the salt.

Gradually mix in the water, a little at a time. Mix until the batter is smooth and creamy.

Leave to stand for about 2 hours.

Mix the sugar, ground cinnamon and ground cloves together and leave aside.

Now you can peal the apples and core them. If you don't have an apple corer, simply cut the apples into rings and carefully cut away the core in the centre of the apple ring.

Once you have cut your apples into rings, dip them into the sugar and spice mixture before coating them with the batter.

When you are ready to use the batter, whisk the egg white until it is light and frothy then fold it into the mixture.

Now you can give your food a lovely coat of batter that will be the lightest and crispiest batter you have ever tasted.

Dip the apples in the batter mixture and fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Drain on absorbent kitchen paper.

You can dip them again in the sugar and cinnamon mixture which is delicious.


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