A French Beef Stew Recipe

Daube de Boeuf À la ProvenÇal

A delicious beef stew recipe
great for family meals and entertaining

A French beef stew recipe which in France is known as Daube, is a traditional family meal.

beef-stew-recipeFrench Beef Stew

And believe me there is nothing quite like it!

It is called daube because of the old earthenware container it was cooked in.

There are variations of this beef stew recipe but they are all fantastic.

It is best started the day before as it improves in flavour.

As it is a meal made ahead, it is perfect for entertaining.

It is also a favourite meal eaten on Christmas Eve in France with all the family together.

Important Tips For Beef Stew Recipe

1. This beef stew will serve approximately 6 family members or friends.

2. Find directions for a bouquet garni here.

3. Always keep your marinade over night in the refrigerator.

beef-stew-marinadeBeef Stew Marinade

4. To brown meat it is necessary that the meat is dry. Use a paper towel to dry off your beef pieces after removing them from the marinade before placing in a hot skillet to brown. Wet meat will steam, but it will not brown nicely the way you want it to.

browning-beefBrowning Beef In A Skillet

What To Serve With This French Beef Stew?

Your delicious beef stew recipe is wonderful served with creamy mashed potato, polenta or sauteed potatoes. Parsley covered carrots also go really well with it.

And of course a glass of red wine such as Burgundy will complete your meal! 

Enjoy this delectable beef stew recipe as it is well worth the planning ahead!

A French Beef Stew Recipe That Is #1

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