chicken salad with almonds

salade de poulet aux amandes

Yes, this chicken salad recipe is a winner and everyone will adore it. Of course the French have the most wonderful chickens, they all have so much flavour and are generally speaking the best you can have. 

It's a wonderfully fresh and appetising salad in the summer and just as appetising in the winter when you really need a healthy change from the warm comfort food! 

Almost everyone loves chicken and it is so versatile making the most wonderful dishes for winter casseroles to summer salads and this recipe will fit both occasions.

Salade de Poulet aux Amandes is made with chicken and slivered almonds which have been lightly toasted to bring out their delicate nutty flavour. So for anyone who loves nuts, you will go nuts for this one. It is a great combination and makes a wonderful fresh healthy French salad which can be made for family meals or for entertaining your friends.

And to make it extra special it has an orange and mayonnaise dressing turning into the most fabulous salad you can imagine. It would make a great hors d oeuvres to if you want something very different for your starter or appetizer.

So when you want an easy chicken recipe that's also a healthy recipe, just rely on this one to give you a really delicious meal. 

Ingredients (Serves 4)

• A handful of slivered almonds

• A bunch of watercress

• 2 celery stalks cut into small pieces

• 450g (1lb) cooked chicken)cut into small strips

• 1/2 orange

• 1/4 pint mayonnaise

• Salt and black pepper


• Place the slivered almonds on a baking tray and place under the grill for a few minutes until golden brown.

• Cut the watercress into small lengths and place in a salad bowl.

• Add the celery pieces.

• Squeeze the juice from the orange and whisk into the mayonnaise.

• Add the chicken and almonds to the salad bowl.

• Add the mayonnaise and salt and pepper and toss lightly.

• Chill before serving.

And there you have it – a really healthy chicken salad which really is an easy chicken recipe to put together and you know it's going to be a winner with everyone!

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