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Cook French Food
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Love French Food eCookBook Recipe Collection

All eCookBooks are available as PDF downloads.

The Love French Food eCookBook Collections are produced in appreciation for you my visitors, to make cooking your meals easier and smoother.

Each book offers:

  1. A selection of delicious French food recipes.

  2. Each eCookBook is grouped by food type, meal choice, or cooking method (for example crock pot), so you will always know what kind of recipes are inside.

  3. Each recipe is demonstrated with beautiful photos!

  4. A short description accompanies the recipes.

  5. Included in each recipe is the number of people the recipe serves, prep time, cook time, inactive time and the total time it takes from start of prep to serving.

  6. Ingredients and method are always placed on one page where space allows for easy viewing on a tablet or phone.

  7. All recipes have US measurements and most have other forms of measure too.

  8. How to sections and tips are included to help with the recipes.

  9. A convenient linked Table Of Contents makes it easy to go to a recipe.

  10. Recipes are yours to use and enjoy without having to search online to find them.

Here they are!

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WAS $14.99

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WAS $14.99

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Love French Food How To eCookBook Collection


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