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cookie recipes

There are many cookie recipes around the globe and French cookies are no exception

In school we used to call these biscuits, which is the modern French name and we were taught that it means 'twice baked'. This causes much confusion to many people, depending also where in the world you are situated.

So if you look at the American English dictionary Merriam-Webster, this is what it will say:

• A cookie is a "small flat or slightly raised cake".

• A biscuit is "any of various hard or crisp dry baked product" similar to the American English terms cracker or cookie.

• A biscuit can also mean "a small quick bread made from dough that has been rolled out and cut or dropped from a spoon"

A biscuit in most countries usually means a hard, crisp, brittle bread, but in America it may refer to a softer bread like product. So in the USA they call them cookies.

The Italians use the word biscotto and this again refers to a hard, twice baked biscuit.

Of course a cookie these days could be referring to a web cookie or a web browser! But not here in this context – we are only concerned with the gorgeous, tasty little cookies we can make and eat to our hearts desire (and diets allow!)

French cookie recipes are usually quite simple, but turn out the most tasty little gems imaginable. You can enjoy making them with your kids or grand kids as they are a joy to make and a joy to put in your cookie jar.

I have included some of my favourite French cookie recipes here as they are mostly easy to make and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy them too. Some are even made with leftover pastry such as puff pastry!

Galettes Bretonnes

Galettes Bretonnes are sweet little Breton Biscuits and are just great to have with your morning coffee. They are ideal for the kids as a treat so will be good to add to your cookie jar. Easy to make with the simplest of ingredients. 

Galettes Nantaises

Gorgeous little Nantes cookies or biscuits that will please everyone. They are especially good for lovers of almonds as they have a subtle almond flavour and are so delicious they will disappear fast! Another tasty addition for your cookie jar. 

Palmiers Glacés

Palmiers Glacés are beautiful golden palm leaves of light golden puff pastry. They are very tasty and are just wonderful with a glass of sweet white wine. They are easy to make and great for the kids, so add these little gems to your cookie jar and enjoy a treat whenever you feel the need! 


Little French Madeleine Cookies are a real classic made famous by Proust and now you can enjoy your own home-made classics to enjoy with either a glass of white wine or a coffee.

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