Easy Soup Recipes

Enjoy French Soup This Way

Do you want easy soup recipes?

Of course you do, but they still have to be good, yes?

easy french soupsEasy Soup Recipes

Well, they are French recipes so you would not expect anything else.

These recipes are all going to be very good and will give you tasty and delicious, good old fashioned wholesome soups for your family and friends.

Soups are something that most French families cook on a regular basis, often as part of their evening meal.

They can be followed by a vegetable or egg dish and in this way make a good economical balanced meal.

There are many different types of soups, some consommé or clear soups, others thick and full of meat and vegetables, they are as varied as the country itself with its wonderful ingredients.

Soups are usually thickened by the ingredients themselves, but otherwise the French cook will use semolina, rice, fresh breadcrumbs, or potato flour or sometimes potatoes themselves are used for this purpose.

For a rich soup, cream or an egg yolk may be added.

Butter is often used as an alternative to cream especially in the Provençal area, and here also is where the soups are blended with a wonderful pommade which is made from fresh basil, Gruyère cheese and olive oil. 

Clear soup or consommé is usually served in soup cups, whereas a thick soup is served in soup plates or bowls but they should all be served as hot as possible.

Most soups are excellent as a starter before your main meal, but often the soups can be used as a meal in themselves with some fresh crusty bread or a sandwich to compliment your soup.

In France you will be able to buy a big bowl of soup in many of the small cafés and bistros, usually made by the owners that day as part of their daily menu and served with either crusty French bread or crispy croutons, either way they are all so good you may be forgiven for wanting seconds!

So if you are not in France at this time let's bring a little of France to your kitchen with these beautiful soups – all easy to make at home and of course they are so nutritious as well as being tasty and delicious.

The List Of Easy Soup Recipes French Style

Asparagus soup – Creme d'asperges

Carrot soup – Potage Crécy

Celery soup – Crème de Céleri 

Garlic soup – Le Tourin

Garlic soup – An alternative recipe

Leek and potato soup – Potage Parmentier 

Mushroom soup – Potage Veloute aux Champignons

Mussel soup – Soupe aux Moules

Onion soup (1) – Soupe à l'oignon

Onion soup (2) – a variation on the theme

Pea soup – Potage Saint-Germain

Potato and cheese soup – Potage Crème de pommes de terre et du fromage

Pumpkin soup – Creme de Citrouille

Shrimp bisque – Bisque de Crevettes

Tomato soup – Potage aux Tomates

Watercress soup – Soupe de cresson

Hope you enjoy all these easy soup recipes like they do in France!

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