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Egg Recipes French Style

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Make Tasty Omelette, Soufflé, & Quiche Dishes

egg recipes

Egg recipes from France! The French have given us some wonderful egg recipes, the most famous of course is the omelette. Such a simple dish yet it can be made into the most delicious of meals with a variety of different fillings.

Of course, the French have many ways of cooking eggs and can present you with a tasty, appetizing dish every time they serve them.

One of the most scary French recipes is the Soufflé! Oh, my goodness, how we shy away from making one of these famous dishes. And yet there is really no need once you have the 'know how' – and until you learn the secret of how to make them, you will not know.

But really there is no secret, just a few tips which I have put together to make it easier for you and like all things in life, it get easier with a little practice. And if they don't turn out wonderful at first, it will still be good to eat as the ingredients are very good!

Usually the eggs used are free range eggs and have the most wonderful flavour. If you are able to purchase these for your egg recipes they will be both delicous and nourishing.

Eggs are very popular as a first course and make wonderful appetisers and hors d'oeuvres for entertaining. They also make the most tastiest quick meals for your family and friends.

The French also make the most wonderful desserts using eggs in their recipes for such things as their creamy custards and delicious ices.

Why not cook up some eggs today and enjoy them the French way. 

Awesome Omellettes

Omelette Comtoise

Omelette Comtoise

A great regional omelette that makes a delicious change.

Cheesey Omelette

Cheese Omelette

A very popular Cheese Omelette or Omelette Au Fromage which is very tasty and easy to make for a quick lunch or supper dish. This recipe really is fabulous and will make the best omelette you have ever tasted. 

Spinach Omelette

A delicious spinach omelette for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is so versatile and can be served with a fresh green salad or on it's own.

This is just one of many tasty French omelettes using the basic savoury omelette recipe. 

Enjoy These Egg Recipes

La Piperade


A delicious and colourful dish from the Basque area of France called La Piperade. This simple recipe will create the most wonderful breakfast or light lunch and is so tasty and healthy. 

How Tp Boil An Egg "Egg-actly"

boiled egg

How to boil an egg, just how you want it each and every time from now on!

Simple tips so that you really do know how to boil an egg to get the same results each and every time!

Scrumptious French Soufflés

Best Top Tips On How To Make French Soufflé

Best Top Tips On How To Make French Soufflé

The best method to whip up French soufflé recipes and tips on how to make the most perfect light and fluffy soufflés.

Best Choice Cheese Soufflé Recipe


A French cheese soufflé recipe will tempt everyone to your table! Step by step instructions to help you make this in your kitchen.

French Chocolate Souffle Recipe

French Chocolate Souffle Recipe

A French chocolate souffle recipe for when you want something extra special. Step by step instructions to make this at home.

Quiche, Quick & Delightful

Easy quiche recipes are quite wonderful. They are so simple yet so delicious and wholesome that everyone loves them.

They make the most tasty starters and can equally make a good hearty nourishing lunch or supper dish for your family. So versatile is the humble quiche that you will just have to add these to your favourite French recipes. 

Quiches are simply a mixture of cream and bacon, or milk and cheese, tomatoes, onions, sea food such as crab – in fact you can be adventurous and invent your own.

They are all combined with eggs, and let me say fresh free range eggs if you can possibly get them as they really are the most delicious simple foods. These wonderful fillings are then poured into a pastry shell and baked in the oven.

Wonderful with salads and a glass of white wine – the simple things in life are the best!

Here are some of my favourites to share with you, do try them, they make nourishing yet economical meals for entertaining or family meals.

Quiche Lorraine Recipe

Quiche Lorraine Recipe

This Quiche Lorraine recipe has to be my first favourite! It is a French classic and is so simple to make at home. It is wonderful hot or cold and can be used for light lunches, supper dishes or as a starter. 

Spinach Quiche Recipe 

Spinach Quiche Recipe

A tasty Spinach Quiche recipe for everyone to enjoy. It is a delicious and nourishing alternative to a meat or fish quiche and is very easy to make at home.

Choice Crab Quiche Recipe


A tasty choice crab quiche recipe with all the flavour of the sea. A real winner for all your family and is great for parties, especially if baked in individual pie shells!

Onion Tart Recipe


A delicious onion tart recipe or quiche which is a winner all year round either eaten cold with a crispy French salad in the summer or hot, straight from the oven to warm you on a cold winters day.

Easter Pie

Easter Pie

Easter Pie - Tourte Pascale In French Is A Traditional Easter Food.

Although a seasonal thing, this delicious easter pie can be enjoyed at any time of year. With a delicious pastry to hold lots of savory ingredients it is truly yummy!

Happy crackin!