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Foie GrasFoie Gras

Foie Gras recipes are usually kept for special occasions and celebrations, sometimes as an hors d'oeurvre or appetizer and not often used as a day to day dish for family meals.

Foie Gras is a French delicacy and is made from the liver of a goose or duck which has been fattened especially to produce this classic and well known French food. It is produced mostly in the South West region of France and some in the Alsace region. It is sometimes produced by natural feeding outside of France.

Foie gras recipes are of course part of French cuisine and very popular in restaurants but it is difficult to find fresh foie gras if you wish to make foie gras recipes, even when in France.

The liver from these specially bred ducks is much richer than ordinary liver and has a more delicate flavour. It is often served in the form of a mousse, as a paté with toast or French bread, or on its own with a steak.

You can often purchase Foie Gras in cans or tins from speciality food shops and these will keep for years in a cool pantry or cupboard.

If you have a celebration or special occasion here is an easy way of cooking it.

Foie Gras Recipes

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