green salad

a healthy addition to your meal

A fresh French green salad recipe or salad vertes consisting of plain crisp lettuce or other salad greens such as endives (chicory), watercress, lambs lettuce, dandelion leaves etc. 

This is a typical French green salad served along with the main dish and the ingredients are always bought absolutely fresh and young. I included some herbs in the picture above and pea shoots; simple but very refreshing! 

Often the fresh ingredients are those which are readily available growing in spring and summer although nowadays we can buy them readily available in the supermarkets.

In France you can buy large bunches of fresh salad greens in the supermarkets and the many markets in most towns and villages. They are also much bigger bunches of salad greens than any I have seen elsewhere, they are fantastic.

The green salad is served on a separate plate with a vinaigrette which is an oil and vinegar dressing and very easy to make at home so you don't need to buy expensive bottles of this from the supermarket.


·         1 lettuce or other salad green of your choice.(There is no exact recipe for this, but a combination of fresh green leaves)

·         Vinaigrette dressing 


·         Prepare the lettuce or salad greens by carefully washing in cold water, then shake in a salad basket or clean teacloth until dry.

·         Mix the vinaigrette dressing in the salad bowl.

·         Add the lettuce or leaves. Tear the leaves if they are large but never shred them.

·         Just before serving, toss very lightly with the dressing until all leaves are covered.

And now you have your beautiful fresh green salad, easily made in no time at all!

You can serve it as a first course or alongside your main dish and of course you can make enough for a few days and keep it in an air tight container in the refrigerator and have it at the ready. 

Such a simple and yet healthy addition to your family meals with very little work involved - and that's a bonus! 


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