How To Make
Chicken Stock

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Want to know how to make chicken stock? Well, it is so easy and very versatile.

Many recipes for soups, casseroles, sauces and a myriad of other recipes, call for a good chicken stock.

I often add my homemade chicken stock instead of water to a recipe to give it extra flavour.

I cook rice with it and sometimes when I am feeling like I am coming down with something, I will heat and sip a cup. So good!

Chicken StockChicken Stock Simmering With Vegetables & Herbs

Anyone who wants to know how to make chicken stock will be able to make the most delicious recipes using left over chicken and carcasses!

So next time you have chicken for dinner - "don't throw any bits away"!

I keep a bag in the freezer for chicken bones and add to it as we eat our chicken meals.

When there is enough bones, gristle, wing tips, a little skin to make a nice full pot of stock, then that is when I make my stock.

Use a good sturdy pot, (some recommendations below) or a slow cooker works fine.

I use my large enamelled cast iron pot that has a 6 quart/5.7 litre capacity.

Chicken Stock Recipe

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