Liver Pate Recipe

This Liver Paté recipe or Paté De Foie Du Porc is the simplest paté of all. You will be able to make this in the quickest time and the cost is very little.

It is rich and tasty and is suitable for your hors d oeuvres or a light meal. 

You need to plan ahead as it is best left for a couple of days in the refrigerator before using so as to bring out all the flavours.

So this liver pate recipe is great for your parties as you can make it well in advance! 

How to Make Liver Paté


• 8oz (225gm)pigs liver

• 8oz (225gm)fresh belly pork (boned)

• 1/2 clove of garlic

• 2 tbsps dry white wine or brandy

• 2 level tsps salt

• 1 level tsp ground black pepper

• 3 rashers of streaky bacon 


1. Mince the liver and pork coarsely

2. Mince or crush the garlic very finely

3. Add the garlic to the minced meat

4. Add the wine or brandy

5. Add the salt and pepper

6. Mix all the ingredients and press into a pint size oven-proof dish or terrine.

7. Stretch the streaky bacon into thin strips with a knife and place on the top of the meat in a crisscross fashion over it.

8. Cover with a lid or foil if you don't have a lid.

9. Leave for a few hours before baking so that the flavours blend beautifully.

10. Place the dish in a baking tray with water which comes half way up the dish.

11. Bake in the centre of a pre-heated oven 150°C for about 1½ hours.

12. Remove the lid for the last 10minutes. 

When cold, place your liver pate in the refrigerator for a couple of days before using. This brings out the flavors and your paté will be wonderful! 

Serve with freshly made toast, crispy French bread or sliced thick with green salads. 

Simply divine you'll love this one!