A Millefeuille is a French Patisserie classic and you can make them very easily at home with some puff pastry and a little pastry cream.


They can be made as one large cake which is what you may see in a restaurant but this is often difficult to cut. So here I would recommend making smaller ones to avoid a catastrophe! This way everyone can sample these wonderful little cakes.

The amount here will make 12 rounds of pastry or 8 mini millefeuilles.


• 1lb/450g

puff pastry

• 6 egg yolks

• 2 1/2oz/1/3 cup fine castor sugar

• 3 tablespoons of plain or all purpose flour

• 350mls/12fl oz milk

• 2 tablespoons Kirsch - optional

• 450g/1lb raspberries

• A little sprinkling of icing sugar for the finished cakes


• Pre-heat your oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas6

• Roll out your puff pastry to about 1/8 inch or 3mm thick

• Depending how big or small you want them, cut out your pastry using a 4ins or 10cm cutter (a small saucer will do the job just as well) and cut out about 12 rounds from your pastry.

• Spray your baking sheet with a mist of water (not too much) and place the rounds of pastry on the tray.

• Prick the top of the pastry rounds with a fork.

• Bake the pastry for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.

• Remove from the oven and place the rounds gently on a wire rack to cool.

Pastry Cream

• First whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until it is light and creamy - you can do this in a processor or with a hand whisk.

• Heat the milk until just boiled and pour it over the egg mixture whisking thoroughly as you do this.

• Now pour the mixture back into the pan and put back on the heat, cooking gently for about two minutes and whisking at the same time. If there is any sign it will burn, remove from the heat and continue whisking!

• Remove from the heat and add the Kirsch if you are using this.

• Pour the mixture into a bowl and leave until it is cold. Place a layer of cling film or a damp cloth over the bowl to prevent a skin forming on it.

To Complete

• Split the pastry rounds in half.

• Take a round and spread with a little pastry cream and top with raspberries. Then top with another pastry round. Spread this with a little more pastry cream and a few raspberries and top with the third pastry round.

• Dust your millefeuilles with icing sugar.

You can now serve your millefeuilles as they are or with a delicious raspberry sauce or coulis.


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