Poached Salmon

poached salmon froid
is really tasty

Yes, poached salmon has never tasted so good as when cooked this way!

This tasty dish is called Salmon Froid or Cold Salmon and here it is served with a beautiful green herb sauce.

You can cook either a whole salmon for this recipe or salmon steaks depending on how many people you are cooking for. If it is a party you may want to cook a whole salmon but otherwise, simply buy as many salmon steaks as you need for your meal.

The salmon is cooked or poached in what is called a court bouillon and if this sounds scary - it certainly isn't - it simply means cooking or poaching in a liquid with ingredients that will give a good flavour to the fish.

In this instance we will cook it in a bouillon vegetables and wine or your choice as in the recipe below. The main thing to know is that this will give your finished dish that gorgeous flavor that you get when you eat out in expensive restaurants - yet this will be all your very own work at a fraction of the price!

This dish will be served cold so it is left to cool in the court bouillon after it has been cooked. Because of this the fish will be so moist and good to the taste it will be simply divine!

If you have ever cooked salmon steaks before you may have found that it has become a little dry, but with this method it will be just right and will be sure to leave a good impression with everyone.

How To Make Poached Salmon

So let's begin with the court bouillon:

Court Bouillon

·         Place a layer of thinly sliced carrots and thinly sliced onion of shallots with a thinly sliced lemon into the bottom of a fish-kettle (if you don’t have a fish kettle you can use a large heavy bottomed pan with a lid).

·         Add a few sprigs of parsley, thyme, a bay-leaf, six whole black peppers, and three or four whole cloves.

·         Place the fish on top of this and cover with equal parts of cold water and white wine, or with water and a little lemon juice or vinegar (you need the acid).

·         Place your fish kettle or pan over a medium heat and let it heat slowly and continue to simmer until the fish is cooked.

·         Alternatively you can place it in a moderate oven until it is cooked.

·         The fish must always be put into the bouillon while cold and after poaching allowed to cool in the bouillon.

You are now ready to serve your poached salmon and this is just one of many sauce recipes you can choose for this dish. It is very tasty and the colour of the sauce compliments the fresh pink colour of the cooked salmon.

Sauce Verte or Green Sauce

Makes one pint of sauce·

·         1 pint of mayonnaise - fresh or bought

·         1 sprig of tarragon

·         1 bunch of chervil

·         1 small bunch of water cress

·         Few leaves of spinach


You can do this either or two methods, one is traditional and the other with your food blender.

·         Blanch the cress and spinach in a little salted boiling water for a few minutes then add the chervil and tarragon for the last two minutes.

·         Drain and allow to cool before passing it through a sieve

·         Alternatively simply blitz the herbs together in a blender and add to the mayonnaise.

·         Season with salt and black pepper to taste.

You can serve this in smaller portions for an Hors d'oeuvres or starters, or larger pieces for a main meal. Either way I'm sure you will agree it is simply gorgeous.

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