Ratatouille Recipe

A Ratatouille recipe

You will be sure to fall in love with this simple, easy ratatouille recipe. Full of the goodness of the colourful mediterranean vegetables - a magnificant dish for any table!

I have tried many recipes for this dish but you will find this the easiest of them all - and so tasty!

This ratatouille recipe will serve 4 people.


• 2 onions, sliced

• 2 large aubergine, cut in bite size pieces (No need to peel them)

• 2 courgettes, cut in bite size pieces (No need to peel them)

• 4 tomatoes, peeled and cut in bite size pieces. (Skins come off easily when placed in boiling water for about 2 minutes)

• 2 peppers, de-seeded and cut in bite size pieces

• 2 cloves of garlic, chopped

• 1 fennel bulb

• 8 fl oz (225 ml ) olive oil

• Bouquet garni

• Salt and pepper to taste


• Heat the oil in a large heavy bottomed pan

• Lightly brown the aubergines and remove to a flameproof casserole dish

• Add a little more of the oil to the frying pan and saute the courgettes then add them to the casserole dish.

• Cook the tomatoes, pepper and onions with the rest of the oil and transfer them to the casserole.

• Put the garlic , bouquet garni, fennel and salt and pepper on the top.

• Cover and cook the ratatouille slowly for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. (They will cook in their own juices!)

• If the ratatouille becomes too watery, remove the lid and continue cooking.

• It can be cooked in the oven also at about 180/350F or on top of the stove, slowly.

Ratatouille makes an excellent main meal or it can accompany meat. It can be served hot or cold to your liking.We enjoy it served with brown rice!

So colourful and appetizing it is full of goodness - enjoy!

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