Roast Duck To Perfection

A Bird Not To Ignore

roast duck

A roast duck recipe is a delicious dinner recipe that takes no time at all to prepare and goes with vegetables you like and a great pairing with roast or mashed potatoes.

Duck is an excellent alternative to chicken and will be well received by all who partake.

It is important to take the extra easy steps before slipping in the oven ensure a crisp delectable skin. 

Simply follow the directions below to get the tastiest skin you have ever tasted.

An added bonus is to keep the tasty duck fat that is released while cooking to use to roast potatoes or in many other recipes.

Preparing duck for special occasions like Christmas, Easter or any other religious or secular festivity will be a real treat and well loved.

There are so many ways to dress this delicious bird into many favourite taste bud delicacies.

Duck roasted to perfection is many peoples favourite meat!

Try this easy roast duck recipe: it’s quick to make only needing 15 minutes to prepare.

But tastes like you spent all day on preparation!

Roast Duck Recipe

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