Salmon Pate Recipe

This salmon pate recipe is a tasty and delicious fish pate to include with your hors d oeuvres and it is so easy to make at home.

Salmon Pate

The pate can be made with either fresh or tinned salmon and put into small individual pots for serving. This is truly delicious and will go a long way when spread on freshly made toast or crispy French bread.


• 8oz (225gm) tinned salmon including the oil but remove the bones, or 8oz (225gm)freshly poached skinned salmon blended with 2 teaspoons of olive oil.

• 3oz (75gm) softly blended butter, preferably unsalted.

• 2 teaspoons lemon juice.

• A little ground black pepper.


• Place the tinned salmon in a blender with the oil or if using freshly poached salmon place this in the blender with the olive oil.

• Add the butter .

• Add the lemon juice.

• Blend them until you have a smooth puree.

• Taste and season at this point to your liking.

• Turn into individual pots.

• Refrigerate until needed.

These little pots of salmon pate will keep for several days in a refrigerator but bring out and leave at room temperature before using.

Serve with hot unbuttered toast or crispy French bread.

You will find this so easy to do but will have the most tasty salmon pate you have ever tasted!

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