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A simple stock such as this can be made from a collection of bones and meat scraps. It will give you the basis of the most delicous soups, casseroles, braising meats, meat sauces and can be used for deglazing your roasting tin.

Although recipes suggest a certain weight for the meat and bones, I tend to use what I have available for the size of my pans! The water should just cover them, so you can make a large amount or a small amount for your needs.

Simple stock can be made from any variety of meat and meat bones and the recipe here is a good guide to start you off.


• 8 lbs raw meat (Raw beef, or veal and bones, poultry carcasses, giblets, trimmings. A shin of beef and shin of veal is a good economical cut)

• 2 large unpeeled onions

• 2 medium carrots, cleaned and cut in large pieces

• 2 leeks cut in large pieces

• 1 large stick celery cut in large pieces

• 1 or 2 parsnips cut in large pieces

• 2 – 4 garlic cloves

• 1 large bouquet garni

• 1 tablespoon black peppercorns.

• DO NOT PUT ANY SALT IN YOUR STOCK (This will be added when you are making your soup or sauce with the stock later)


•Place all meat ingredients in a large heavy based stock pot or pan and cover with cold water.

•Bring to the boil.

•As the liquid heats a foam will develop .Skim this off with a large ladle. This will take afew minutes.

•Add the vegetables and herbs.

•Reduce the heat until just simmering and continue to simmer for about 4 hours. (Do not cover the pan as this will cause the liquid to sour)

•Continue to top up the stock with boiling water during the cooking.

•Leave the stock to cool and skim off the fat. (I prefer to leave it overnight as it is easier to take the fat off when it has solidified.)

•The stock is now ready to be strained. The bones can be removed by hand if large and all the other contents passed through a fine sieve .

•The stock is now ready to use but a good idea is to taste it and if a more concentrated flavor is needed, heat again until it is reduced and is the flavour you prefer.

•If it is not to be used now, the stock can be put in smaller batches in the freezer until reqired.

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