Spinach Omelette

Omelette aux Epinards

Spinach OmeletteScrumptious Spinach Omelette

You can make this delicious spinach omelette once you know the basics of making a good French omelette. All you need to do is have the filling ready and kept warm until your omelette is ready to fill with your spinach.


·         2 eggs

·         4oz spinach

·         ½ shallot, finely chopped

·         ½ oz butter

·         Salt and pepper

·         Pinch nutmeg


1. Wash spinach in cold water and cut off tough stalks. You can of course use frozen spinach if you have no fresh.

2. Sauté the shallots and spinach in butter in a heavy bottomed pan for about five minutes.

3. Season with salt and pepper and nutmeg.

4. Keep the spinach mixture warm.

5. Beat the eggs lightly with a little seasoning of salt and pepper.

6. Melt a little more butter in the pan, and add the beaten eggs. Allow them to set a little, then gradually ease them away from the edges using a broad spatula and working your way round the pan. Gently ease the spatula beneath the omelette to ensure it is not stuck to the pan.

7. Add the spinach and shallots to the omelette before rolling the omelette out onto a warm plate.

Serve immediately.

You can make your spinach omelette for breakfast, lunch or dinner as it is very versatile.

For lunch or dinner, you can serve it with a French green salad and a piece of fresh French bread. So easy and very tasty! Bon Appétit.

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