Stirring Up Crepes

Galettes, French Toast, & Pancake Recipes

The King of flatbreads, crepes are tempting exquisite unleavened thin breads.

They are multifaceted in that they can be made into so many shapes and sizes with wonderful fillings and toppings, satisfying a dual function of sweet or savoury flavors!

Crepes recipes are quick and easy to make which makes them a big plus in our busy world.

Tasty for breakfast, brunch, lunch, a quick snack or dinner, they please everyone!

What's Inside?

Stirring Up Crepes

Plus Delicious Galettes, French Toast & Pancake Recipes

  1.  6 Top Tips For Making Great Crepes
  2.  Ficelle Picardie
  3.  Buckwheat Pancakes
  4.  Ham & Cheese Galette Bretonne
  5.  Crepes Suzettes
  6.  Classic “All-In-The-Pan” Crepes Suzette
  7.  A French Toast Recipe… Mmm… So Good!
  8.  Basic Crepe Recipe
  9.  Bacon, Spinach, Cheese & Mushroom Crepes
  10.  Spicy Ground Beef Crepes
  11.  Chocolate Cream Filled Crepes
  12.  Creamy Dark Caramel & Pecan Crepes
  13.  Getting Creative ~ 3 more ideas!


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