Fresh Strawberry Tart

Tarte Aux Fraises

A delicious strawberry tart recipe that crumbles in your mouth!

This really is a delicious strawberry tart recipe! Once you put these little gems out on display they will disappear very quickly!

This strawberry tart recipe is so easy to make at home and the wonderful thing about it is that it can be made in advance and the filling put in at the last minute. The other thing is that they won't be on the plate for long! They are just so yummy!

You can make the pastry yourself or if you want an easy option you can buy the cases ready made. However, it really is easy to make your own with a little practise and a little know how!

Just take a look at the pastry recipes and try them for yourself. For this one you will need the sweet shortcrust pasty, it will give you the most melt in the mouth pastry experience ever!

Once you have made your pastry you will also need to know how to make a pastry shell and all you need to do is follow the instructions for this. It may seem a little daunting if you have never made pastry before or indeed this type of French pastry but it really is worth the time to get to know how to make it - the knowledge will be yours forever!

How To Make Fresh Strawberry Tart


·         9-inch cooked pastry shell or six small shells (using the sweet shortcrust pastry)

·         340g cream cheese

·         Grated rind of 1 orange

·         2 tablespoons orange juice

·         4 tablespoons powdered sugar

·         1 pound (455g) ripe strawberries


·         Beat together the cheese, orange rind, juice and powdered sugar.

·         Fill the shell or shells with the cheese filling about ¾ full.

·         Halve the strawberries and arrange them on top of the filling.

·         Dust with powdered sugar (optional). 

I always suggest that you make the pastry by hand when you first learn to do it, this helps you get the feel of it and know how to handle it. 

You can make it in food mixer of course and this is always a quick and easy way to make pastry without the hard work. However, they are not necessary and so if you don't own one, don't rush out to purchase one. 

You can always make a larger batch of pastry and freeze some of it for another day, or if you have any left over, pop that in the freezer to reuse when you need some, it's always great to have some at hand especially if you have made it at home.

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