Tarragon Chicken Breasts

Supremes de Poulet à l' Estragon

Tarragon chicken breasts are easy to cook and make an elegant dish for any occasion. A whole chicken can be used for this recipe but using chicken breast is so much easier and the results are fantastic.

It is one of the easy chicken recipes that is so good for entertaining as it is quick to make and so delicious. You will be the hostess with the mostess!

For 4 people


• 4 skinless chicken breasts

• 125mls (4floz, 1/2 cup) dry white wine

• 300mls (1/2 pint,1 1/4 cups)

chicken stock

• 1 tablespoon dried tarragon

• 1 garlic clove finely chopped

• 125mls (4floz, 1/2 cup) whipping cream

• 1 tablespoon fresh tarragon

• Salt and pepper

• Fresh tarragon to garnish (optional)


• Place the chicken breasts in a heavy bottomed pan

• Pour the wine and stock over the chicken breasts just enough to cover them

• Add the dried tarragon and garlic

• Simmer very gently ( the liquid just gently rolling)

• Cook for about ten minutes (the juices should run clear if you pierce with a knife)

• Remove the chicken pieces and keep them warm

• Pour the liquid into a small pan by passing it through a sieve to strain it

• Now boil this liquid and reduce it by half (this will give a good flavour)

• Add the cream, cook and reduce again by half

• Add the fresh tarragon and taste it at this stage, adjust the seasoning to your taste

• Serve by slicing the chicken breasts and pour a little of the sauce over each chicken piece.

• Garnish with fresh tarragon if preferred

A refreshing tarragon chicken meal that will delight your family and friends!

Bon Appétit!

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