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You really can enjoy the taste of home recipes with all the recipes here, they have been tried and tested over the years and I promise you will love them.

Whether you are new to cooking and want to learn how to make some basic family meals or if you are an experienced cook, there is something here for everyone.

You can begin with these easy French recipes, then try all the other dishes, just click on the choices on the left of this page to take you to any you want to browse, they all include step by step instructions to help and guide you from start to finish.

Don't be put off by thinking that all French food is way above your league and only found in expensive hotels. In fact the very best French food is found in the homes of ordinary French people who have passed recipes down over the generations.

Most meals found in the French household are relatively simple but there is one difference – the food, or should I say, the ingredients, are of the very best quality, and they don't waste a thing in the kitchen! They are so thrifty. This is what makes them so special.

The French housewife does not feed her family with lots of butter and cream as is so often thought, no no, the butter is usually used in the cooking and not smeared on bread. The cream also is used in sauces to accompany the dishes and not poured over fruit.

Most meals begin with an hors d'oeuvre or  home-made soup and these can be very simple, economical yet so tasty you will always have a quick and tasty starter once you know how to make these.

Salads are served before or after the first course and are made from seasonal vegetables and herbs. They are usually small portions and are served most days for family meals.

Dishes are regional as France is a big country and the climate is different from north to south and east to west. If you want a taste of home recipes in the north of France you would experience something such as Tarte Normandy a very tasty apple tart made with the fresh apples.

In Brittany you will find the most wonderful little pancakes or crepes which are very easy to make at home and you have a choice of either sweet or savoury fillings.

In the south of France, here butter is seldom used in cooking but olive oil is the main cooking oil and used for salads as well. Olives play a part in their diet along with regional dishes such as a bouillabaise soup. This is the fishermen's soup which is world famous and so tasty and healthy.

The southwest of France is famous for cassoulet which is a very satisfying and tasty family dish.

The French are famous for their desserts and you simply have to include these with your taste of home recipes too.

French pastries are so mouthwateringly tempting so you may want to include some of these too in your home recipes, they bring a little of the French patisserie to your kitchen!

So if you want a taste of home recipes, keep this page in your favourites and you will always have some ideas for great food all free of course, with a little help along the way.

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