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Turkey Recipes Made Delectable

Yummy Duck & Goose Recipes Too

Turkey isn't just for christmas...
but don't tell the turkeys!

Turkey is so versatile that it can be used in a wide range of dishes, and throughout the isn't just for Christmas.

And if you do have any left over at anytime, it goes well in a curry...any curry. 

Turkey Recipes To Begin With

Turkey Escalopes

turkey breasts

This is an easy turkey breast recipe to make the most delicious turkey escalopes.

A great meal when you're in a hurry!

Escalopes are known in France as 'paillards' and they give you a really tasty meal which is so easy to  make.

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey

A most delicious method of roasting a turkey that you will want to have more than just at holiday times.

There is a handy chart available too, to guide you in purchasing the correct size bird for the number of people who you will be feeding.

Of course leftovers are always welcome and can be made into so many delicious dishes!

Duck Recipes

A succulent duck dish is a great change from chicken or turkey.
Try it.

Duck à l'Orange is a familiar dish in many English restaurants; it is just one of a number of ways of preparing these lovely birds.

But you can also turn them into mousse dishes, or make shredded duck rillettes. Magret de canard au cerises (duck breast with cherries) is quite spectacular, and also known as Duck à la Montmorency.

Here are some ideas to play around with:

Duck à l'Orange

Duck breast with cherries

Duck rillettes with star anise and rosemary

Roast duck

Roast Goose Recipe with Apples

Oie Farcie De La Saint Michel

A delectable traditional roast goose recipe to bring a French classic to your dinner table. Easy to make and step by step instructions to make this at home.

Learn How To Carve A Turkey & Impress Everyone

Same Techniques For Carving Duck & Goose


Learn how to carve a turkey the proper way to take advantage of all the meat on your bird.

The white meat and dark meat will be well separated and sliced into easy to digest pieces.

All your friends and family will be proud!

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