vegetarian dishes

Okay, let's be honest...the French, a great meat loving nation, don't understand why anyone would want to be vegetarian. But they do recognise that some people don't want to eat meat, for whatever reason, and so increasingly dishes are being adapted to meet their specific requirements.

Gone are the days when if you asked for something vegetarian in a restaurant you either got a salad, or were asked if you ate fish!

Here are a few dishes that will suit vegetarians, or which can be adapted by them to their own taste.

try these...

Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce – enjoy them as a starter, or as part of a main course.

Balsamic peppers – usually served as a side dish, but very tasty as a light summer lunch with a glass of chilled white wine and crusty bread.


Crudités - not exactly a main course, but a great snack

Leek and Gruyère flan – a quiche by any other name, and delicious hot or cold

Tomato stuffed with egg – a light refreshing dish for summer


Roasted vegetables and mozzarella Pithivier

Socca – a delicious chickpea flatbread

Vegetable bake

Vegetable tian

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