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25 January 2015 Provençal chicken is a delicious and simple chicken dish that I've added, and I've updated the recipe for Fricassée of chicken.

4 January 2015 I've added a quick and easy recipe for Tapenade, which I was taught to make while on a visit to Provence. There's also a lovely vegetarian dish involving leeks and gruyère cheese, that I hope you'll like.

Oh, and I forgot...yesterday I added a recipe for that delicious French bread, fouace. I wouldn't say it was the easiest to make, or get right the first time, but it's well worth sticking at it.

29 December 2014 I discovered this delicious smoked ham and Emmental galette recipe that is both filling and delicious.

14 December 2014 Dinner tomorrow, so just checked and tweaked the recipe for Duck breast with cherries. For some reason I have potatoes on my mind today, so I've added a delicious recipe for a kind of potato pancake – truffade...it's what you might describe as 'like aligot but totally different'. 

13 December 2014 Added one of my all-time favourite meals, Raclette. So easy to do; it's all DIY cooking by your guests.

4 December 2014 Added a heart-warming dish of chicken escalopes. So, easy to make, and fun, too.

27 November 2014 Updated recipe for Quiche Lorraine; added a guide on how to bake a pastry case, and added a recipe for Pommes Anna.

24 November 2014 Added a recipe for duck à l'Orange, that great and long-established Classic.

23 November 2014 Updated quite a few recipes, and added one of my all-time favourites, Croque Monsieur, surely the world's best ham and cheese sandwich.

13 November 2014 I suddenly rediscovered something I'd written a while ago about truffles. If you've ever wondered whether you should try them, read on.

Today, I added recipes for Haricots Verts à l'Oignons and Fondant Potatoes. Actually these two would go well together with a nice steak.

12 November 2014 Today I added a recipe for Vichy carrots, an Introduction to the whole site and an essay I'd written about olives and olive oil.

11 November 2014 Just added an excellent recipe for Duck Rillettes with star anise and rosemary. I've also added a splendid recipe for Chicken and Pancetta terrine with wild mushrooms, which is easier to make than you might imagine.

One of great favourites has also been uploaded today, the heart-warming dish Tartiflette from Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

8 November 2014 Well, the first change has been that of ownership. At the beginning of November 2014, the website and all its contents were transferred to Terry Marsh, owner of the dedicated France Travel Guide website, which is more of a visitors' guide to France based on his almost 50 years of travelling and living there.

Inevitably, in this time, Terry has become something of a foodie, and his love of French food is rooted in an extended but ultimately concluded relationship with a beautiful young French lady and her family...her mother's cooking was a joy to behold, and an even greater joy to eat.

So when the popular Love French Food website became available, it was a logical step to buy it, and develop it so that others might enjoy the mysteries and wonders of French cuisine. Being an amateur cook himself, and now married to another excellent cook, developing Love French Food was a no brainer.

Over a period of time (i.e. as quickly as possible consistent with continuing to make a living as a travel writer and photographer), all the recipes given on the website will be put to the test, if they haven't already.

Design-wise there are many fundamental changes, and bringing everything into the same house style will take a bit of time. But one new thing that will be added is the facility to download a pdf of our recipes for you to print off at home. Like the rest of the design changes, this will be completed as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, do continue to enjoy the 180 recipes you'll find on Love French Food, but keep coming back, because we already have a long list of new dishes to add.


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