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delicious and healthy fish recipes

The French have many delicious fish recipes as France has a large coastline on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea. There are so many varieties of fish caught in the waters around its coastline as well as in the rivers throughout the different regions.

If you are on holiday in any region of France you simply must try their delicious sea food restaurants where you can taste the fruits of the sea for yourselves and I know you will not be disappointed.

You can also visit the local markets where you will find a wide selection of local fish such as fresh river trout which you can cook for yourselves. Of course you will also be able to buy big bunches of fresh herbs and a great variety of fresh vegetables to make your recipes even more tasty and delicious. Everything is so very fresh with lots of flavour.

Each region in France will have it's own speciality and whilst there you will also be able to find out which restaurants specialise in the local fish dishes. It is these small restaurants where usually the owner is also the chef and where you will find the tastiest recipes! It is these dishes of course that are mostly enjoyed in the French homes rather than the variety of sauced fish found in the top hotels. Although the latter are exciting and very tasty the selection here are those which will give you good French home cooking.

So if you want to know how to cook fish in a more traditional way, just like the French housewife, here are some very easy but delicious recipes that I'm sure you will love and make the most wonderful meals for your family.

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