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Chicken Fricasee

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French food is said to be the tastiest food in the world and good for you. So what could be better than to give your family and friends the very best of French food with lashings of love stirred through it?

From beautiful sea food, poultry and meat dishes, wonderful cheeses, colorful fruits and vegetables, scrumptious pastries, breads to soak up your soups, and the finest wines to wash it down with - the French have it all!

seafood french styleSeafood French Style

So what LOVE FRENCH FOOD aims to do is to provide you with the recipes you need to get as close to authentic French food as is possible in your own kitchen, and to help you to –

Let French Cuisine Delight Your Home!

ile flottanteIle Flottante A Delicious Dessert

Although France is mainly a meat eating nation, they also have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. If you have visited France you will have seen the many varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables available in all regions.

The French markets are the place to shop for your fresh produce on a day to day basis and most towns and villages have their own markets each week.

The salad vegetables are fantastic and often include fresh herbs to make them even tastier.

Is your mouth watering? – French food really is quite easy to make at home if you simply follow in the footsteps of the traditional French family cook – who knows what's best.

They really don't need to be expensive either as you will see from many of the recipes here, just good ingredients cooked in a simple manner. 

st-guilhemBeef Bourguignon

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Try These Delicious French Food Recipes Now

Love French Food delivers delicious French style cooking recipes that are mostly easy, quick, and divine to enjoy!

Of course, no meal would be complete without a glass of French wine.

There are a variety of French wines from differing regions, red, white, rosé and, of course, not forgetting champagne!

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