Raspberry Tart

An easy Raspberry Tart recipe from French Recipes to Love.com

A beautiful raspberry tart with a delicious creme patissiere filling and a glaze of rasberry preserve. So easy to make and you will have the most wonderful pastries at a fraction of the cost of those you buy.


• Fresh raspberries

• Creme Patissiere - please see recipe and instructions


• Six individual cooked pastry shells or one large cooked shell

recipe and instructions for pastry shells here

For the Glaze

• 2 tablespoons raspberry preserve

• 1 tablespoons water

• 1 tablespoon kirsh or cognac (optional)


• Mix the raspberry preserve with the water and kirsh

• Heat until just melted and allow to cool.

• Fill the pastry shells with the creme patissiere.

• Arrange the rasberries on the top of the creme filling.

• Brush the raspberry glaze over the raspberries and pastry edges.

Another delicious French pastry for you to enjoy!

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