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sauce-recipesSauce Recipes

These sauce recipes can transform your simple everyday food into a dish to be proud of. You can turn eggs, fish, vegetables and even your leftovers into the tastiest dishes just by adding an interesting sauce.

French sauces are much easier to make than you imagine. You just need good quality ingredients and careful attention to the method of making them.

Once you have mastered the four basic sauces - Béchamel, Brune, Hollandaise and Mayonnaise you will have endless variations whenever you need a special sauce.

Once you have made your sauce, the problem of keeping it hot is solved by the French method of using a water bath known as a "bain-marie."

You simply stand the saucepan containing the sauce in a deep baking tin half filled with hot water. This way the sauce has a gentle heat all around it and will keep for hours. Place a lid on the pan to prevent the sauce from forming a skin.

Another way of keeping your sauce warm is to place it in a vacuum flask until you are ready to serve it.

With these basic sauce recipes you will have a variety of sauces whenever your recipe calls for a delicious French sauce.

Delicious Sauce Recipes

Bechamel Sauce 

Bechamel sauce is the basic white sauce which accompanies many French dishes. It is a simple sauce yet is delicious.

Simply add a combination of other ingredients to this sauce and you have more delicious French sauces such as Sauce Veloute, Sauce Creme, Sauce Mornay and Sauce Sobise. You will find all the recipes here and will have many different sauces to surprise your family and friends!

Bearnaise Sauce 

A tarragon flavoured sauce which will make any dish extra special.

Brown Sauce 

A simple brown sauce, or Sauce Brune as it is called in French. It is a very versatile sauce and can accompany your meat dishes or leftovers.

Just add a few other ingredients to this basic brown sauce and you have Madeira sauce and Sauce Piquante! 

Fruit coulis

Perfect with ice cream and tarts or poached fruit.

Hollandaise Sauce 

With this creamy Hollandaise sauce recipe you will be able to create many fish, egg and asparagus dishes within minutes. It is a delicious sauce and very easy to make at home. A great way to create that special French dish whenever you want for your family and friends. 


A mayonnaise recipe that is so delicious and far superior than any you will buy in the supermarket. It will give you a delicious sauce to accompany many dishes but with the addition of various other ingredients it is transformed into a variety of other French sauces. 

Red wine jus

This simple sauce will enhance meat, chicken, veal and even venison.

Tomato Sauce 

A rich tomato sauce made with summer ripe tomatoes. It is very easy to make and is so tasty and healthy you will want to make lots more of this for your family and friends.

It can be used with pasta, chicken, meat and vegetables and will transform your meals into the most heavenly meals. 

Tomato Purée or Tomato Coulis 

Tomato Purée, or as it is known in French, Coulis de Tomates, is a delicious rich and concentrated sauce made with fresh tomatoes. It is a very tasty and colourful sauce for egg dishes, vegetable dishes, chicken or meat and is easy to make at home.

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