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There are many versions of this wonderful Salade Niçoise sometimes called Provençal salad or Salade Nice. It is a southern dish from Nice in the south of France and is now famous all over the world.

However, there really is no exact recipe. The ingredients can be varied to availability. The French housewife will use whatever mediterranean vegetables are in season and plentiful at the time

For me it just has to include lots of black olives and a light vinaigrette dressing - sheer heaven! The local people will say that the original version of this salad does not contain potatoes although many recipes do include them. I will go along with the locals, after all, it is their dish and if you have ever been to Nice you will know just how gorgeous this dish is.

It is a lovely refreshing salad ideal for a starter, a light summer lunch with crispy bread or just as a snack with drinks for entertaining.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

·         Vinaigrette Dressing (please see page for dressings)

·         1 crisp lettuce heart

·         8oz cooked French beans

·         4oz tuna

·         2oz small black olives

·         A few stuffed green olives (optional)

·         Thin strips of de-seeded green pepper

·         8 anchovy fillets

·         A few thin onion rings (optional)

·         12oz firm tomatoes, quartered

·         2 hard-boiled eggs, quartered


·         Place half the vinaigrette dressing in a shallow bowl and in this toss the lettuce leaves together with the beans.

·         Arrange small pieces of the tuna along with the other ingredients on the top of the lettuce.

·         Place the tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs on the top around the bowl.

·         Sprinkle with the remainder of the vinaigrette dressing.

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