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Easy French recipes to show you that most French cooking is not at all difficult! I promise you will be able to master these recipes, so to help you get started I have chosen some recipes especially for this reason and hope they will give you the confidence to try them but more importantly, to enjoy French cooking. There are some great dinner ideas!

You may like to start with some basic soup recipes that will make great appetisers or indeed a light meal in themselves with some crusty French bread. 

As for the main dishes they will all make good family meals and you will also find them great for entertaining. 

Starting with French soups, these are simple soups you will find tasty and nourishing at the same time they are suitable for family meals and for entertaining your friends. 

They can be great for starters or as a main dish with lots of fresh crusty bread or delicious croutons.

Carrot soup

Leek and Potato soup

Celery soup

Garlic soup

Following the delicious French soups, you will need some ideas for main meals and I hope you will enjoy these tasty dishes. They are very easy to make even though they may seem alarming at first, they all have the step by step instructions and will be absolutely delicious.

Bouef Bourguignon

Chicken with tarragon

Cauliflower au gratin

Grilled chicken


Roast leg of lamb


Steak au poivre

Turkey escalopes

Braised beef

Want something to finish off your meal? Try one of these French Desserts and give your family and friends a treat. Or if you would prefer something else, why not try a French cake.

I hope you have found these easy French recipes just what you were looking for. If you want to try some more you will find the recipes in French Cooking are also fairly easy if you follow the steps for each recipe.

Salads are also very easy to make and a French salad is truly delicious. They are especially good when the salad greens are in season but of course nowadays you can buy greens all year round. So if you want to add a salad to your meal which is what the French do, then try one of their tasty salads for a very easy meal.

Good luck and above all enjoy your French food! 


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Pea soup