Brioche Recipe

an easy brioche recipe

Here is an easy brioche recipe so you can make wonderful French brioche which is one of the classic breads from France and to me is rather like a cross between lovely fresh bread and homemade cake.

It is sweet and buttery and there is nothing quite like it. It is often made into small individual buns which are served with coffee, however, this is an easy version of this wonderful recipe made with your breadmaker to give you perfect results every time and enough wonderful brioche for the whole family.

Brioche Recipe Ingredients


• 75mls (3fl oz) milk

• 3 eggs 

• 50gm (2oz) butter (cut into small pieces)

• 3tbsp superfine/castor sugar

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 450gm (1lb) strong white bread flour

• 1tsp fast-acting dried yeast


It is best to follow the instructions for your particular bread maker when it comes to the order in which you put your ingredients into the bread pan. However, this is the order in which I put mine, according to my bread-maker, which is a Panasonic.

• Sprinkle the dried yeast into the bottom of the bread pan, followed by the flour, salt, castor sugar, the butter, then the eggs beaten with the milk. 

• Use the basic bread setting for baking your brioche and then leave it to do the work for you!

• Once it is baked, leave it for a minute in the bread pan then turn it out and leave to cool on a wire rack.

This homemade brioche is delicious and I'll pretty much guess that it won't last long! Enjoy it with a cup of coffee just on it's own; spread with butter or spread with a good chocolate spread or fresh fruit and cream.  

If you have any left over it does make a really delicious French bread or bread and butter pudding.

So if you've been struggling to make French brioche, I hope this brioche recipe will answer your prayers - it's truly heavenly.

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