french food vocabulary

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Your French food vocabulary - useful for when you need to buy your food in France or for when you want to order something to eat in a café or restaurant.

Most French people will help you out if you can't speak the language, but they much prefer it if you make an effort and try to speak it a little. Even if you only manage to say 'Bonjour, madame' – 'Good morning, madam', they are pleased to hear you at least try.

However, with a little French vocabulary you may at least have an understanding of some basic words or phrases for your food shopping.

Let's begin with a simple shopping trip with some useful phrases to help you.

Apart from the smaller shops and market stalls which are very good indeed, you may also have the bigger supermarkets for your shopping and these include the Géant, Casino, Intermarché and Carrefour.

If you are shopping in one of the supermarkets you may need some money for the trolley – you will need some euro coins.

If you don't know where to buy something, you may start with:

Where can I buy ..?    Où est-ce que je peux acheter...?

Where is the supermarket?  Où est le supermarché?

Where is the bakers?  Où est le boulangerie?

Where is the market?  Où est le marché?

Do you sell....? Est-ce-que vous-vendez....?

Bread  du pain

Milk  du lait 

Fruit des fruits

A litre of  un litre de

A bottle of...  une bouteille de...

Beer  bière

Water  eau

Wine  vin

A can of...  une canette de...

Coke  coca

Tonic water tonic

A packet of...  un paquet de...

Biscuits     biscuits

Sugar  sucre

Cheese     fromage

Ham jambon

Butter  beurre

Vegetables   légumes

Potatoes  pommes de terre

Cabbage le chou

Carrots  carottes

Salad la salade

Herbs herbes

Green beans haricot verts

Apples  pommes

Pears  poires

A loaf of bread  un pain

A baguette  une baguette

Six eggs  six œufs

A tin of...  une boȋte de...

Tomatoes  tomates

Peas    petits pois

A jar of...  un pot de...

Jam  confiture

Honey  miel

Fish le poisson

Beef le bœuf

Lamb  l'agneau

Veal  le veau

Pork le porc

Sausage la sausisse

Pastry    la pâtisserie

These have been just a basic guide for you, but I hope they will be useful.

Please let us know if you like this page or found it helpful.

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