French Christmas Markets

French Christmas markets are truly remarkable and are a fantastic way to do your Christmas shopping whilst taking an enjoyable break at the same time. Now doesn't that sound more like the kind of Christmas shopping you will love?

The Christmas markets in France began as a way to supply French housewives with all the commodities they would need for Christmas, and as time has progressed they have become much more grand and of course, so well renowned.

The North of France is where the larger and most popular of the Christmas markets are held namely in Lille and Paris.

These are popular with the French as well as visitors from other countries such as the United Kingdom due to the proximity and of course it is much easier to travel by Eurostar and the TGV train services nowadays.

The Strasbourg Christmas Market is the oldest, and this glorious city is just 2¼ hours from Paris.

Lille has a huge market with the most beautiful handcrafted gifts as well as the famous French food stuffs which are just heavenly and make the most acceptable gifts for friends and family. Most people love the French cheeses, the patés, cakes and confectionery, they are all such delicious foods and make great Christmas gifts.

Christmas decorations are also a good buy as most are unusual and much better quality than in the department stores. And when you have tired yourself out walking around the dazzling fares you can take a relaxing break with some traditional French food and wine or why not try the beer as Northern France is famous for its beers. How about some traditional moules frites to tempt your taste buds or beef carbonade. Then for those of you with a sweet tooth there are the most amazing little French crepes - so delicious.

French Christmas markets can also be found in other regions such as in the Haute Garonne, where the Toulouse market has something for everyone. Bordeaux's Allées de Tourny is a magical transformation with wooden stalls and unusual and traditional gifts.

In the Paris area, the Noisy le Grand Christmas market is one of the biggest of the markets, drawing people with its festive atmosphere and traditional Christmas fare.

In the South of France you will find a Christmas market in the gorgeous little town of Menton where you will find everything you need to have a truly romantic Christmas.

These are just a few of the French Christmas markets and if you visit France from the end of October right through until Christmas eve, you will have the opportunity to see one wherever you are.

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