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I'm sure we all love French food, but there are other cuisines, too, so this is where "off piste" comes in!

off piste like chicken biryani with warmed lobsterChicken Biryani With Warmed Lobster

This is where we are adding some delicious dishes from other cultures around the world, where cuisine is just as important to the people in those locals as French cuisine is to the people who Love French Food.

Some of the recipes found here in this section of the website are from regions and countries where the Mediterranean diet is prepared and enjoyed.

The areas and countries where the Mediterranean diet is most practiced are those that border the Mediterranean Sea, southern France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal.

There are differences in how the food is prepared and emphasis on certain types of food vary between the countries but basically this popular diet is eaten because of the health benefits that are believed to be derived from it.

The Mediterranean diet includes a wide variety of grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, unsaturated fats, dairy products, fish including shellfish, poultry, eggs, red meats and wine in moderation.

But that is not the only types of dietary recipes you will discover here.

Oriental and east Indian recipes are included in this eclectic list of world food.

Personally, I adore curry and there are so many different ways curry is prepared and eaten around the world.

I would not like to choose which one I like the best as that would be impossible to do.

So, here is a random selection of tried and tested recipes across a range of cultures.

New recipes will be added from time to time. So, keep popping back to see what's cooking.

Off Piste Recipes For You To Delight In

chicken chow meinChicken Chow Mein

I so hope you have enjoyed this small, but ever growing list of "off piste" from French food cuisine.

If you have please let me know in the comment section below.

Tell us what you would like to see here if there is a recipe you were looking for but could not find it.

I am always delighted to include favorite dishes from my wonderful visitors.

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